Parasites Cat And Dogs Contain Fighting With Internal Parasites

Parasites Cat And Dogs Contain Fighting With Internal Parasites

1. What is an internal parasite?

    Internal parasites are parasites that can be carried since birth, or develop due to external reasons. It’s called “internal parasites” because it settles to the organs.

    Internal parasites include; Taeniasis, worms, small intestine, large intestine, ascaris, heartworms

      a. Internal parasites symptoms on dogs;
      • Swell on abdominal area
      • Diarrhea, bloody diarrhea and farts
      •  Anemia
      •  Weight loss
      b. Internal parasite symptoms on cats;
      • Edema in paw and in between paws
      • Unhealthy fur
      • Bloody diarrhea
      • Paleness on nose and ear
      • Anemia

      2. Do internal parasites harm your pets?

      If parasites are not prevented or diagnosed early, it can lead to fatal diseases. They can harm your pets’ respiratory system, digestive system, and spleen after settling into their organs. Therefore you need to follow your pet’s vaccination calendar closely and take precautions.

      3. What is the treatment of internal parasites ?

      The most important treatment is having them done internal and external parasite vaccines once in every 3 months

      Paying attention to the hygiene of the environment your pet is in.

      Using parasite deterring medicine

      Going to check ups periodically     

      Feces checkup

      4. When should internal parasites occur for the dogs?

      Vaccination calendar

      5. When should internal parasites occur for the cats?

      Vaccination calendar

      P.S: even though it is known as “internal-external parasite vaccination” it’s not a vaccine. Internal- external parasites can be applied in three options;
      1. Pill (internal parasite) + drops (external parasite)
      2. Drops (İnternal parasite) + drops (external parasite)
      3. Vaccine (internal parasite) + dops (external parasite)
      4. Pill  (Internal parasite) + pill (external parasite) as an alternative solution for dogs.
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